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Raphaëlle Pépin, trapeze artist and clown, graduated from Quebec Circus School in June 2023. She has already acquired various experiences in the circus sector, she has worked with Le Théâtre ATempo, L'Aubergine, Machine de Cirque, Flip Fabrique, GOP Variety Theater and many others.


In addition to her professional training at the ECQ, she specialized in clowning with several masters, including Francine CôtéGeneviève KerouacJean Saucier and Pedro Fabião.


Lately, Raphaëlle has been working in collaboration with the Dr. Clown Foundation, as a therapeutic clown in a the hospital environment. Which brings her a lot closer to her mission which is, without pretension, to change the world one laugh at a time.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Burriel and Sébastien Durocher

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